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Therapy Flow has helped thousands of counselors launch and fill out their private practice caseload. In this master class you'll learn how to:

Sustainably Market Your Therapy Practice Without Cash Or Time

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We'll meet your business, your money, and your time constraints exactly where they are and show you how to build a business and market your practice

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Networking & Social Media Scripts

After the step-by-step process for generating new clients is laid out - you'll be given the opportunity to use the templates we've put together to market your practice

Bonus Marketing Road Map

Anyone who attends live will be given access to step by step marketing road map that has helped hundreds of practices scale to multi 6 & 7 Figures

What Will This Webinar Cover?

  • Step-by-step proven marketing tactics for building a caseload - our unique approach to networking, social media, websites, listing sites, low-cost paid ads, and more!

  • Additional marketing and practice development opportunities we learned outside of the therapy industry

  • How to reduce the amount of time it takes to do marketing on a weekly basis

  • How 1 practice owner followed every step we gave them and generated over $250,000 in revenue for her solo practice

  • You'll walk away with clarity on the exact next step you need to take to start generating more clients without dumping thousands into marketing

The Hard Truth About Cash Pay Client Generation


So what do you do when you're strapped for cash yet need to build a business and market your company???

My Name is Joshua, Co-founder of Therapy Flow. My partner Attilio and I have worked with thousands of therapy practices helping them create sustainably multi-6 & 7 figure therapy practices.

Many of those practices didn't have 20k+ in the bank to roll into their business or buy marketing to get their first caseload.

So how do you start - build and even scale if you don't have any initial profit?

When I started one of my first businesses I was working a full-time job, living on what I made, and saving for an engagement ring and a wedding. Money was not the primary asset I had for building a business. The tough part was also working that full-time job - Time was also not on my side.

I didn't want to kill myself working 50-hour weeks, commuting, and dumping another 40 into the business at night or on the weekends. So I made it my goal to only work 10 hours a week. 1 hour on my lunch break and 1 hour right after I clocked out.
It wasn't until after I had successfully replaced my income and made the transition to running my business full-time that I realized how hard of a task I put before myself.

Most people invest either time or money to get a business off the ground. If you don't have much of either you're in quite the predicament

And that's why we are running this master class. If you have less cash than you would like and can't just "run ads" like we sometimes suggest" or spend 30 hours a week grinding on a new website or marketing. The content we'll be going to go over will meet your business, your money, and your time constraints exactly where they are at.

Time and time again we've seen counselors try and build a practice, but get overwhelmed by the giant hurdle of getting a full caseload the first time or staying full. All you need is to know how a small budget and a constricted schedule can become assets to you, rather than your greatest weakness.

We know you didn't become a therapist to sell your services, run marketing or for some of you even own a business - However, it doesn't change the need to sustainably get a full caseload. transition out of that toxic workplace or just have the peace of mind that you're not risking it all by investing every penny you have into a business you don't know will be successful.

In this master class, we'll teach you how:

Joshua built a 6 figure business and transitioned out of his full-time job

Ilona, a solo practice, went from being on better help to charging $350 a session, collecting 20k+ cash a month.

Shaniqua is getting 15 plus consults on a weekly basis and filled her caseload in 8 weeks

We'll break down the marketing methods that you can do for little to no cost

We'll show how to leverage your time and other people's time to move the business forward even when you're not working

And finally, we'll reveal our methods for capturing low-hanging fruit - everything you can quickly do to get your name out there and build the business you need! with a few secrets and tips up our sleeves along the way.

I'll see you soon! - Joshua | Co-Founder of Therapy Flow

What People are Saying...

"I booked two new cash pay clients at the rate I wanted, a week after launching"

Ilona (Solo Practice Owner)

"Between Me, and the 3 interns, we grossed over 3k Yesterday"

Dr. Tim White (Group Owner)

"These guys definitely know what they are doing and their marketing expertise is amazing"

Jose (Group Owner)

therapy Flow Co-founder

Joshua Brummel

Joshua's started his first business when he was just 18. Since then he spent time in corporate roles, developing sales and marketing teams. He has always had a passion for small businesses, and creating environments where people can see massive growth for themselves and their businesses.

Joshua believes sales is a fundamental skill, often overlooked in the mental health space and he has coached thousands of therapists through marketing, business planning and achieving personal dreams through successful business.

therapy flow co-Founder

Attilio Di Nunno

Attilio's background is sales and marketing launching his first agency in 2014. He understand that when you want to learn about a specific topic it is important that you learn from an expert in the material. Attilio prides himself on his critical thinking, problem solving skills, and his devotion to creating value in the mental health space through the practices he helps coach. Attilio has been solely focused on the Mental health space since 2018.

Through thousands of conversations, successes, and failures he has boiled down Private Practice success and succinctly instructs from his experiences and technical expertise.

Learn everything we use to build a practice without cash - with ethical sustainable client acquisition strategies

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