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We've helped hundreds of practices create marketing that generates consistent high-volume cash pay inquiries - For the first time, we're opening it up to show you the exact process we take to:

Generate Cash Pay Clients For Solo & Group Therapy Practices

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You Will Learn How 1 Private Practice Owner Generated over 60+ Cash Pay Clients, EVERY MONTH for over 12 months straight

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Everyone will be given access to step by step marketing road map that has helped hundreds of practices scale to multi 6 & 7 Figures

What Will This Webinar Cover?

  • Step by step proven marketing tactics for cash pay referral generation
  • Sales frameworks to convert more inquiries at higher rates
  • How to automate your marketing so generating clients happens on autopilot
  • How 1 practice owner followed every step we gave them and generated over 800+ Cash pay clients for his group practice in a single year!
  • You'll walk away with clarity on the exact next step you need to take to start generating more cash clients in as little as a week!

The Hard Truth About Cash Pay Client Generation


The Market Doesn't Want to Pay Cash.....

My Name is Joshua, Co-founder of Therapy Flow. Attilio and I have worked with thousands of therapy practices and about 70% of the practices work with are cash pay! Almost all of our best-performing practices are cash pay too!

But every successful cash pay practice owner who has clients paying their ideal rate - all know one truth, that is the bedrock of their success. The market doesn't want cash pay.....

A recent Havard business review stated 80% of practices DO NOT accept insurance and 90% of people looking for therapy expect to use their insurance....

If you're quick at math. You know those numbers don't really add up. there just simply are not enough people who are automatically looking to pay cash for therapy.

Now as a practice owner you have two choices - you can either, ONLY go after the 10% of people in the country that don't want to use insurance (and compete with almost every other therapist out there..... OR you can develop a marketing process, a sales process, and a unique offer for potential clients that motivates them to work WITH YOU over any other therapist, regardless of your rate.

I have one last hard truth for you as you consider venturing into this space of building a sustainable cash-pay client generation system.

SALES and the ability to run a value-driven sales process is the #1 skill you need to have in order to have a cash pay practice.

GREAT selling in its most ethical sense, is the ability for you, the service provider to communicate to a potential client the true value in your service. Which many times includes educating why paying a cash rate that is higher than insurance is MORE valuable to the potential client.

Many great therapists never communicate this value before, during, or after a consult they run. This means most potential clients don't see the value in you, your process, and ultimately your price point. So they say no. or never reach out to you, to begin with...

And that's why we are running this master class. Time and time again we've seen counselors try and build a practice, only to end up on an income roller coaster, inconsistent referrals, and never knowing why their business isn't running, why some practices practically fill up overnight or why some can charge $350 plus a session with a line out the door.

We know you didn't become a therapist to sell your services, run marketing or for some of you even own a business - However, the need to get paid a rate that makes sense for your service, the weight of admin for taking insurance and the crazy market environments right now have driven you to become a cash pay therapists. So I invite you to our upcoming master class where we can give you a step-by-step roadmap for building a sustainable cash pay practice.

In this master class, we'll teach you how:

Tim, a group practice generates over 800+ new cash pay clients every year.

Ilona, a solo practice, went from being on better help, to charging $350 a session, collecting 20k+ cash a month.

Shaniqua is getting 15 plus consults on a weekly basis and filled her caseload in 8 weeks

We'll break down the marketing methods that consistently attract clients looking for therapy.

We'll show you how to run a value-driven sales process that educates clients on the value of your service and paying your rate!

And finally, we'll break down our methods for automating, simplifying and sustaining your practice for the next 10 years! with a few secrets and tips up our sleeve along the way.

I'll see you soon! - Joshua | Co-Founder of Therapy Flow

What People are Saying...

"I booked two new cash pay clients at the rate I wanted, a week after launching"

Ilona (Solo Practice Owner)

"Between Me, and the 3 interns, we grossed over 3k Yesterday"

Dr. Tim White (Group Owner)

"These guys definitely know what they are doing and their marketing expertise is amazing"

Jose (Group Owner)

therapy Flow Co-founder

Joshua Brummel

Joshua's started his first business when he was just 18. Since then he spent time in corporate roles, developing sales and marketing teams. He has always had a passion for small businesses, and creating environments where people can see massive growth for themselves and their businesses.

Joshua believes sales is a fundamental skill, often overlooked in the mental health space and he has coached thousands of therapists through marketing, business planning and achieving personal dreams through successful business.

therapy flow co-Founder

Attilio Di Nunno

Attilio's background is sales and marketing launching his first agency in 2014. He understand that when you want to learn about a specific topic it is important that you learn from an expert in the material. Attilio prides himself on his critical thinking, problem solving skills, and his devotion to creating value in the mental health space through the practices he helps coach. Attilio has been solely focused on the Mental health space since 2018.

Through thousands of conversations, successes, and failures he has boiled down Private Practice success and succinctly instructs from his experiences and technical expertise.

Learn everything we use to guarantee you’re full at your cash rate - with ethical sustainable client acquisition strategies

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